yellow phase i

i came open
stripping away what i know in order to use this body to absorb and to wrap what i have with what i get 

there are just as many y nots to all the ys you about to ask 
  • google, was yellow a color of the holy trinity? 
  • the trial of faith will be tried with yellow flames 

this work is an appreciation of color yellow
it’s about gender and sexuality where yellow is the color for those who identify outside of gender binary
yellow as sun, the life support to our planet
as such it has come to represent life, energy, hope and wisdom
one of the most common colours in nature
yellow is the color that made me do it
without asking i threw it on my shoulder and carry it as a color of awareness   

now this weakness feels like my power
yellow as the color that urges caution, warning about dangers
yellow as piss or egg yolk 
is there anything else that comes on your mind? just write it here
yellow as ____________

yellow phase i was presented as a part of Kandinäyttely 2021 - bachelor exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki and in the building of the GLO Art hotel as a part of a group exhibition “Sweet Dreams”.
Yellow phase i underwent a significant transformation due to a series of events and circumstances that coincided with its creation. Originally conceived in pink, it was shaped by the concept of inclusivity and diversity as yellow represents those existing outside of the gender binary. An aspiration to craft a textile piece that would be site-specific, and adaptable to various spaces. Additionally, the intention was to create a textile work that transcended the boundaries of traditional clothing, one that could be worn by any human or non-human body.