afflatus phase ii

an unfamiliar feeling ingresses my body, fills it up and spreads to every cell of me. it’s new unknown and i love it

i love changes

if you would ask me to describe it i don’t think there is a suitable word in my vocabulary, but i can tell you it feels new
  • hey siri what is a synonym of new?
  • i found this on the web for what is a synonym of new?
brand new
up to date
state of the art

it is the most recent stage in the development of this body, incorporating latest techniques and features, i would say it is corporeal, but it feels too embedded in human. I am not a human and based on the history of sexism, racism and transphobia you cannot deny me that
i am posthuman
i am transhuman
an entity that exists in a state beyond being human, human that is defined by those seeking power and dominance over others

The phase ii (2) afflatus is a work upcycled using elements of yellow phase i. It stands as an altar, a homage to the ephemeral world of social media influencers. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of events and references in social media and mainstream culture, this work takes shape upon an enigmatic metal structure, reminiscent of a clothing rack on wheels, yet stripped of its functionality due to the absence of hanging elements. Encased within this structure are parts resembling a skin and deformed human body, a nod to the work of Michaela Stark, a designer and artist whose creations captivated Kolya through the lens of Instagram.