opus phase iii

have i ever been human
or is this body eternally rejected 
deprived of recognition by the authority of the construct?
would this body respond to yours
or are their tongues foreign to each other?

m i n d  i s  d a z e d
limbs are numb 
relying on automation 

.cloud chaser
...........trash just like us
...........no space no time
..chewing strawberry ice cream flavoured gum

‘opus phase iii’ is an immersive installation consisting of a series of kinetic objects. Originally presented during the MFA graduation show at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, this artwork delves into the realm of auto-fiction, drawing inspiration from the personal experiences of the artist as a transgender individual.
Throughout the creation of opus phase iii, Kolya was driven by the idea of creating something unseen.  The artwork combines various mediums, weaving together elements of photography, performance, moving image, installation, and sculpture.
Within opus phase iii, transformed bodies and body parts are dragged by belts along aluminum rails and propelled by motors. The work explores the consequences of objectification and dehumanization experienced by queer and trans bodies, raising a profound question: has queer ever truly been considered human?